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Psychology graduate and mother of two, Amy Van der Mere knows it’s not the choice all new mothers will make, but it was a personal decision that she found easy.

‘I was pregnant with my first child when I read an article about placentophagy—it made so much sense to me, because the placenta is so full of nutrients and hormones that are so valuable to new mothers,’ she says.

‘The most obvious benefit for me was my energy, despite the sleep deprivation, which saved me when I also had a toddler to run around after! Because placenta is so rich in iron it can really help women with anaemia or who experience postpartum haemorrhage. Placenta retains hormones which can prevent the common day 3 ‘baby blues’. The Chinese have used placenta for centuries to treat insufficient lactation.’

Amy’s interest in the placenta led her to study it in more depth. She is now a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, approved by Placenta Services Australia, which means she is qualified to collect a consenting mother’s placenta from the hospital, and prepare it by dehydrating it into a powder which is then put it into capsules for the mother to take.

‘It’s like taking any other vitamin, only better as the nutrients are naturally created and therefore highly bioavailable,’ she says.

To carry out her special alchemy, Amy has a purpose built home laboratory where she performs the encapsulation process according to strict health and safety requirements.

‘It seems such a shame to waste such an amazing natural resource. To me the placenta is a gift we are given at birth, and I want to help more mothers feel the best they can after having their babies.’

Contact Amy on 0447 863 781.

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