Ocean Rhythms

Have we seen the arse end of spring in the rear view mirror? Sure feels like it. The first influx of warm tropical air bought with it lines of storms and the classic early summer pattern: a cleansing storm with lightning show and a freshly scrubbed morning with light winds. What a relief.

That instability saw low pressure spawned in the Tasman and surf from the south-eastern quadrant. The few days around Melbourne Cup produced some fun surf at the Point with plenty of punters throwing their hat in the ring. At time of writing a low is slow moving near the South Island of New Zealand sending well angled SSE swell into the Lennox Surfing Reserve Pointbreaks and some much needed silly season relief for local surfers. The short/mid term pre Xmas outlook is positive, with a continuing pattern of low pressure development in the lower Tasman and warm water generated troughiness in the lower Coral Sea on the books. Savvy operators make a deposit in  the wave account before the Xmas hordes descend, allowing relaxing afternoons with prawn sangas and cold beers to carry over well into January.

Fishing wise the beaches, river and North Creek have all been reliable for a feed. Blue water has been pushing into the coast, bringing summer species like whiting into the nearshore gutters. Pelagics are still yet to arrive with the blue water but couldn’t be too far away judging from reports north of the border. A dry spring has seen the Richmond run clean and clear with a ton of bait and predators feeding at will wherever bait congregates. School jewfish and monster flathead have been on the chew in deeper holes with smaller flathead and whiting up on the flats when heavenly blue water fills the system on morning high tides. Trevally and mangrove jacks fire up next to fish holding structure as stormy afternoons gather heat.

Watching the storms race in from the ranges with an afternoon tide change on the menu is an opportunity for a sublime session with the power of nature on full display and fish responding to the cue. Just make sure you leave the venue before the lightning threatens actual bodily harm. Graphite fishing rods are great conductors.

Thats all for now. Take a deep breath when the hordes descend. They pay a lot of peoples rent. Tight lines and safe ripping. Lets hope Santa brings a six foot swell.

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