The club surfed on Sunday the 17th November, another deferred round, waiting for favourable conditions. Our last club round of  2013 and 32 members surfed @ Lennox Main Beaches, on a surprisingly good morning with a high tide mid morning and finally again surfable waves for longboarding.

Again the standout surfer was Aaron Cooper-smith. Winners of vouchers from 2013 club sponsors were: Lennox Surf-Sandy Cooper-Smith, Fishy Fishy Cafe-Tim Hassey, T-shirt from In the Pink Icecream-Flynn Bosselmann

Thankyou to all our club round Sponsors for 2013, Lennox Surf, Mi- Thai Restaurant Lennox, Fishy Fishy Cafe Lennox, Surf & Snow Australia Online, & Triple X Wetsuits. Your 2013 SUPPORT has been appreciated.

Results from November round surfed at Lennox Beach 17th November 2013

Firsts. 1.  Aaron Cooper-Smith. 2. Scott Channon. 3. Dave Spencer. 4. Jason Geggie. 5. Andrew Thomas

Seconds. 1. Chris Cain. 2. Grant Ryan. 3. Mark Preston. 4. Eleanor Robertson. 5.Terry Kay

Thirds. 1. Forfar Petrie. 2. Darin Nobbs. 3.Heath Punshon. 4. Sally Petrie. 5. Steve O’Neil

Fourths. 1. Kurt Hardy. 2. Martin Fox. 3. Gary Alford. 4. Wayne Sullivan. 5.  Geoff Channon

Fifths. 1.  Angus Kay. 2. Wayne Booth. 3.  Maz Pentecost. 4.  Flynn Bosselman. 5.  Tracey Nobbs

Sixths. 1. Olivia Geggie. 2. Jimmy Baker. 3. Tim Hassey. 4. Sandy Cooper-Smith. 5. Jeremy Fox.


So the next function for the club is the Club 2013 Xmas Party / presso @ the Lennox Surf lifesaving Club on Saturday 7th December.

Visit the Club’s Website
www.lennoxlongboarders.org  or email

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