Lennox Head Preschool

We have been linking with the Lennox head primary school to support our children and their transition to ‘big school’. We have been venturing over there to have picnic lunches and use their play ground. Our connection with the primary school grows each year as the past preschool children and their classmates share their success with the preschool children and enhance our belonging to the community.

This Book was created as part of a year 2 projects, instigated by the children, to link with the preschool children and staff. (see photos)

The year 2 children planned and created individual stories based on the concept “WHO am I” and two large eyes.

The grade 2 teacher then organised a time to attend the preschool and read the book to a preschool child in the Wednesday group and again in the Thursday Friday group. This was followed up with a number of the years 2’s wanting to give their book to one of the preschoolers after leaving the books in the preschool library for all to share. The books were used and read as the concept and pictures supported the words.

We are so lucky to be able to link with the school the way that we do….and to have the teachers at the school used teaching creatively to support development and social conscience.

As we look forward to 2014 and all the new families we welcome into our community, it is also a sad end to all the families and faces we have grown to love and watched develop over the past year/s. We hope to be able to share your future successes also.

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday

Preschool will recommence Tuesday the 28th of January for the Monday/Tuesday families; Wednesday the 29th January; Thursday the 30th January for the Thursday/Friday families.

Preschool AGM will be the 3rd Wednesday of February (19th Of February 2014)

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