NZ Rocks

Local Lennox artist Melissa Wright belongs to a sculpture group called Te Kupenga Sculpture Society (Te Kupenga is Maori for The Net). Located in New Plymouth, New Zealand (north island, west coast, backdropped by the big volcano called Mt Taranaki, along the infamous Surf Highway 45). Melissa spent many years living there and both her girls were born in New Plymouth- so she still feels a strong connection to the place. She goes over as often as she can to carve and visit friends.

Here she is standing in the sculpture work area with Paritutu (rock hill) in the back ground.

Melissa says, ‘It’s a magical place. There are dozens of carvers who belong to the society. In late December & most of January 2014 they hold an international Stone Carving Symposium and invite sculptors from all over the world to carve the local Andesite rock (a very hard granite from the volcano). They set up on the coastal walkway in the centre of the city overlooking the ocean and sculpt for 3 weeks. It’s awesome! I’ll be there to help (I’m not good enough to finish a stone in 3 weeks…)’

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