Our Little Patch of Littoral Rainforest…… it’s endangered.

By Kelly Saunderson

Sometimes a small and insignificant looking patch of bush is actually amazingly important.

This is true of the patch of bushland opposite Blackboard Cafe, on Pacific Pde (between Ross and Williams Streets, Lennox). This patch of bushland has an assemblage of plants which have been classified as an Endangered Ecological Community under NSW legislation, and as a Critically Endangered Community under National legislation. The plant community is known as ‘Littoral Rainforest’.

Littoral Rainforest communities can only be found within two kilometers of the ocean. In NSW, littoral rainforest communities make up less than 1% of the total area of rainforest. Their vegetation structure can range from low thickets in wind exposed environments to tall forest in more protected sites. The plant species in this ecological community are predominantly rainforest species with moist, evergreen, leathery leaves and vines may be a major component of the canopy.

Because this plant community is so restricted to the coastline, its past competition with development has left its surviving components in small remnant patches, just like our patch opposite Blackboard. The Lennox Head Landcare Group has been working in this area since 2004, and is pleased with the resilience this little patch is showing. The Landcare group is helping this endangered bushland increase its chance of survival by removing weeds, and in some areas planting appropriate canopy species to assist its natural regeneration.

Numerous other patches of Littoral Rainforest, can be found in Lennox, including locations at Lennox Point, Lake Ainsworth and Boulder Beach.

You could help us to protect and restore our endangered patches by;

• Coming to a Landcare day

• Sticking to defined walking tracks

• Making sure garden refuse such as lawn clippings and unwanted plants don’t end up in the bush

• Spreading the word about our endangered patches!

Pictured here is an endangered plant community, ‘Littoral Rainforest’, opposite Blackboard Cafe. Typical littoral rainforest plant species include; Tuckeroos (Cupaniopsis anacardioides), Beach Alectryon (Alectryon coriaceus) and Coastal Banksia (Banksia integrifolia).

If you would like more information, call Malcolm on 6687 5602 or Barbara on 6687 5609 or just turn up at one of the working bees.

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